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Counseling for Cancer Patients

Are you suffering alone with painful emotions? Is every day a struggle?

Perhaps, you resist telling all to your family. You don't want to burden them but you need a safe place to vent your anger, your fears, your frustration, your pain, and sometimes despair.  

Cancer affects not only those diagnosed with the illness but their families as well: Conflict between couples can escalate with the added stress of a cancer diagnosis. Children and adolescents often find maladaptive ways to cope. Caregivers can be overwhelmed and unable to offer the desired support.

My experience includes 12 years as a Clinic Coordinator for the Oncology Department at the UCLA Medical Center, coordinating care for cancer patients. I am familiar with most diagnoses of cancer, their treatment, and the emotional toll a diagnosis can exact on individuals and their families. I have a special interest in working to relieve the anxiety and depression that accompanies cancer and its treatment.

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