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Couples Counseling

The best of unions can be undermined by illness, addiction, or unemployment. The most trusting relationships can be shaken by infidelity. Maybe you just find yourselves fighting more often and are not quite sure why.

We want to be ourselves.  We want to be open and honest.  We want to feel accepted and understood. For this we need safety.  

Come and create the vision of what you want your relationship to be. Learn communication skills that will help you feel heard, techniques to meet each other's emotional needs, and ways to stop the power struggle.

Premarital Counseling

It's never a bad idea to sit down and have some serious conversations with your partner. Premarital counseling will focus on the major foundations of a marital relationship including finances, religious beliefs, children, communication and conflict management. I will help you plan for your future and ensure you agree on major life goals before the wedding takes place; hopefully, eliminating any major surprises down the road. 

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