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Relationship Trouble

Are you overwhelmed by the roller coaster of emotions you experience as you go through a relationship break-up or divorce? Even an amicable one can cause distress. Are you single for the first time in many years and wondering who you are and what you want to be? Not sure you're ready to date, and yet...Come heal your wounds and explore the options that have just opened up for you. 

Career Counseling

Do you dread going in to work? Are you next to be laid off? Are you yearning for more meaning in your life? Wondering where the time has gone? Is it about time you made more money? All you know is what you don't want. Or maybe you have dreams yet to be fulfilled. Come discover new possibilities for careers that satisfy while allowing you to be yourself.

Teens in Crisis

Adolescence is a time when teens begin to face adult issues in life and stop talking to their parents. Teenagers are on an emotional roller coaster as they develop their first intimate relationships, establish their identities, and cope with peer and family pressures. When grave illness, divorce, death of a loved one, or other trauma enters the mix, the result can be emotionally overwhelming. Creative interventions and an environment that is both nurturing and challenging help teens discover their true selves.

Crisis Counseling

Has the unthinkable just happened? Have you recently experienced a traumatic event or serious loss? I provide immediate as well as long-term strategies to lessen the negative psychological impact of the traumatic incident. I offer counseling to reduce the risk of lingering problems such as depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder.

Grief and Loss

There is no time limit on grief. We must allow ourselves to take the time we need and allow grief to run its natural course. Whether your relationship or marriage has ended or a loved one has died, it is helpful to share your grief, understand the stages, and learn healthful ways to cope.

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