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Is cyber cheating cheating?

In the age of Facebook, chat rooms, and internet porn, how do we define cheating on your significant other?  Lack of trust is second only to improving communication as the reason most couples come in for counseling.  Internet porn may enhance your relationship if you're watching it together but all too often, you're watching porn instead of initiating sex and intimacy with your partner.  Hurt feelings ensue as your real partner feels they can never measure up to the internet ideal.  Emailing Facebook friends from High School can seem innocent enough until your partner finds out your emails lack an important bit of information like you're married or in a committed relationship.  Did you do anything wrong if it's the old beau or girlfriend who signed their names with X's and O's?  How is one to keep up with technology and the ever changing do's and don'ts?  If your partner thinks it's cheating you've got a problem whether you're just hanging out with people of the opposite sex at work or on the internet.  To the wounded partner, I say not every act is malicious and people do make  mistakes.

Think your relationship could use a tune-up?  Call (310) 404-3929 and ask about our couples group workshops.


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